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The CoBilAS AG is responsible for the product development and vision. The CoBilAS AG’s interdisciplinary team combines expertise in the area of billing (pre- and postpaid), as well as surrounding areas, e.g. bookkeeping and accounting with unique software development skills. Our development team is commited to high quality software using high-end (not necessarily hype) methods and tools. The CoBilAS management yields year-long experience with billing system implementation projects covering millions of subscribers.


Why a new billing solution? This was the first question we had to answer before we launched CoBilAS. And - when observing the billing systems currently delpoyed - we found some very good answers to that question.

The potential for a billing system developed with the latest requirements (e.g. 3Gbeyond) in mind was very clear as all the vendors are struggeling to include those requirements within their current systems. With a newly developed solutions like CoBilAS all those features are easily to be implemented with a fraction of the cost of a project to include those requirements into a legacy billing system.